About us

It’s possible to do things differently.

By being obsessed with our clients’ relationships with their consumers, we can find solutions that take commerce to the next level. It is in the relationship that we find the keys to the commerce of tomorrow, and by being close to the customer, in the midst of our present time, and understanding the possibilities of technology, we leave marks and make our clients better and stronger.

With financially sustainable companies, we create the best possible conditions to contribute to both social and ecological sustainability.

This applies to us as well. NOOS is the sum of our employees. By acting as a team and constantly challenging each other, we see what others do not.

To succeed, we need to be like a round square

We take advantage of the experiences of established companies and combine them with the logic of the new era’s actors. We dare to think big.

Our Values

We are close

We are close to each other, close to new knowledge, close to our clients, and attentive to our clients’ needs and realities. We are a team.

We are reliable

We take pride in delivering on time and are always ready to exert extra effort if we see that the result can be improved.

We are different

For us, every client is unique. With innovation and a willingness to change, we unlock the potential of our clients. We value thinking differently and challenging perceptions. We are pioneers.