A changing future – Unique experiences

The age of transformation

The past year has been revolutionary in many ways from a technological standpoint, with a new environment that is largely driven and changed by the advancement of artificial intelligence, AI. During the same period, we at NOOS have also reflected and taken an interest in the existence of the old and new, and in this case, old and new habits, and what distinguishes consumer behavior with the same end goals of the consumer journey.

When quickly summarizing the world of search engines and search intents, we are in the middle of a transition period between generations in how and what tools individuals use to search for information. Google on one hand, the go-to channel and often the start page for information seekers for every given topic. In a larger perspective, a somewhat similar solution to Microsoft/Bing. On the other hand, we see a younger, new generation called “Gen Z”, born between 1997 and 2012 who typically search for information on social media and preferably, TikTok at the moment. Close to half of Gen Z uses TikTok as a search engine for information and an increasing level of the generation are more likely to rely more on TikTok than Google in terms of serving the right answer.

To describe the generation a bit further, Gen Z is a large group of teenagers and young adults who are changing the very foundation of the world of information. To conclude the generation as a whole, Gen Z tend to prefer self-service, spend loads of time on research before making any purchase, they seek experiences, a place of belonging and the need to act right. To make it short, Gen Z are mobile and digital first in everything that can translate into consumer behavior.

Setting a new standard

The past decades, searching for information has gone from encyclopedias to online search engines, mainly focusing on text results but also a variety of image and video results. In general Google has in many ways been ahead of their users, setting the standard of consumer behavior themselves. Until recently.

Studies show that Gen Z were not satisfied with the results from Google and how information was presented. Instead, users relied on TikTok as a search engine, which could deliver the results the users wanted, presented in a way Gen Z preferred over Google. Videos and short information streams are becoming increasingly popular, serving loads of information in a limited time frame. Regardless of the intent, for information purposes or with the intent to purchase an item the result is the same. Videos packed with information and flavored with emotional intelligence that catches the viewers, making them seen as trustworthy.

A new era for vendors

Since the entry of new customer demands, a new level of expertise is required to reach young shoppers. High quality material with a sense of creating something new and unique for the shoppers are rapidly increasing in demand. Marketing departments and agencies are now in need of both serving quality content to platforms of traditional conversion intents (Google, Bing), traditional conversion content for Meta, and the latest, high value and multi purpose driven video material for TikTok.

Combining the platforms, trying to get the most out of each and in combination at the same time, requires some finesse. Vendors need to establish a reason for belonging, and it will not simply be to make money. The sense of making a difference, creating something new, establishing a unique contact with consumers are simply a few steps needed for future successful businesses. No matter if the business itself is new or if it has been here for ages. Companies need to refine themselves in order to reach the new Gen Z while simultaneously staying relevant for older generations. The need of defining a strong value proposition is more important than ever.

In order to meet more complex demands from consumers, we believe that the reason for companies to belong need to get a larger space in the boardroom. The values need to run through the DNA of the company, that needs to be reflected on the content that will pass the eyes of a future customer. If unlucky, that means for just a brief second of your potential customers time. That second needs to be valuable from a customer point of view. Display relevant content, with interesting products or services, with a sense that the viewers are in need of the product/service or the context and community that your business provides. In that way, companies can break ground from traditional values to an updated, more modern state of doing business. At NOOS, we believe in creating your own future and reason to belong with your prospect customers while bringing your existing customers into the future. Having in mind the fast changing environment we are all a part of, trying to be one step ahead of the curve.

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