Boråstapeter: Digitalization of a traditional brand

Digital transformation: Driving digital growth in a traditional industry.

Digitizing the customer journey

In a competitive market, Boråstapeter was operating with a traditional business model and customer journey. Customers visited stores, examined patterns, borrowed wallpaper books, and finally decided on their wallpaper choice. The challenge was to digitize this customer journey without losing its positive aspects, such as exploration, providing information and inspiration, and ultimately leading to a purchase. Navigating and guiding customers through this journey in a digital space posed a significant challenge for a conventional business in a competitive industry.

A holistic screening of the buying process

NOOS adopted the “See, Think, Do & Care” model to analyze Boråstapeter’s business and customer journey. The process began with a Screening to gain insights into where customers find their information, the customer’s stage in the buying process, and how various activities contribute to the overall business. NOOS also analyzed the intended effect of each traffic source and campaign on the website, which led to recommendations for structuring products, information, and customer engagement. 

The project components included:

  • Screening with focus on Traffic Acquisition, Performance Marketing Strategy, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and Customer Journey. Leading to 90% uplift in Conversion Rate and multiple increased ROAS in Performance Marketing.
  • Development and optimization of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Loyalty, the Boråstapeter Studio concept and conversion-driving measures. Increasing both efficiency and conversion rate among new and existing customers.

Improved profitability, without compromising the brand quality

With these strategic changes, Boråstapeter achieved an increase in conversion rate, improved profitability, and created a more attractive digital environment for visitors. They found innovative ways to reach their customers without compromising the brand’s quality, helping more people find their dream wallpapers digitally. Furthermore, the company has now adapted to the modern e-commerce landscape despite lacking a dedicated e-commerce manager, showcasing the success of their digital transformation.

“Through our collaboration with NOOS Digital, their expertise has contributed to advancing and enhancing the knowledge within our organization, pushing us to new heights on our digital journey!”

Åse Peterson, Brand & Product Director, Boråstapeter.

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