Casall PRO: New B2B Tech stack

E-Commerce enablement through tailored B2B digital strategies.

Casall PRO, renowned for their high-quality commercial fitness equipment, flooring, and interior solutions catering to diverse training facilities, embarked on an e-commerce transformation. The goal was to offer a seamless, digital purchasing journey, fostering long-term partnerships with a broad client base ranging from small gyms to large fitness centers, as well as corporate and hotel gyms. With a substantial inventory and an extensive product range, Casall PRO is recognized for their delivery capabilities and product availability, including spare parts. Their commitment to customer confidence in equipment purchases underpins their aspiration for enduring customer relationships.

Challenges in crafting a unified customer journey 

Casall PRO faced the challenge of digitizing the B2B sales process while ensuring that only registered customers could transact as per their contractual agreement. This condition must not deter potential leads that are yet to register. Moreover, the solution needed to cater to different types of facilities, ensuring different billing and delivery options are available to meet the need for, for example, while the products are shipped to the gyms, the invoices are directed to the headquarters. The complexity was heightened by the varied contracts, demanding the application of unique pricing and lists in the digital marketplace. Additionally, the logistics of shipping bulky machinery and heavy weights required sophisticated freight cost calculation logic.

Project management focused on business priorities 

Entrusted with this multifaceted project, NOOS led a structured approach with a “business first” strategy, focusing on priorities and customization. The project’s kickoff was a discovery phase, aimed at identifying the best-fit infrastructure for Casall PRO’s requirements, especially concerning their wide assortment, its customer-dependent availability and pricing, and delivery and payment checkout to optimise customer experience. A key success factor throughout was responsiveness to client needs, translating them effectively to the development partner. This fostered flexibility and solution-orientation, pivotal in addressing ongoing questions and propelling development.

The project components included:

  • A discovery phase including Digital Transformation and Procurement of infrastructure tailored to Casall PRO’s unique requirements.
  • IT Project Management providing consultation and requirement setting for development partners, with a “business first” focus to ensure a seamless customer journey in a complex business context.

A dynamic site serving all customers and prospects

Upon launch, the platform introduced significant enhancements, enabling customers to access a tailored assortment with unique price lists and discounts according to their contract, and distinct invoicing/shipping details suitable for the differentiation catered to the customer’s specific organisational setup.

The platform was also equipped to facilitate new customer acquisition and lead generation. It featured functionality for registration inquiries and applied quotation requests in the checkout process for non-registered visitors. In its initial week, the site generated numerous new leads, providing Casall PRO’s sales team to convert these prospects into customers. Additionally, the site incorporated logic to prompt quotation requests for larger deals, where procurement could yield a more competitive customer offer.

The strategic implementation of Casall PRO’s new B2B shop marks a significant stride in digital commerce within the fitness industry. By addressing intricate customer needs and a complex transactional model, Casall PRO has established a digital storefront that aligns with their reputation for quality and customer trust. The site’s design for lead capture and tailored user experiences evidences a pioneering digital leap, reinforcing their position as a forward-thinking leader in their market.

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