Djerf Avenue: Strategy & Tech Advisory

MSEK in revenue from the start of our collaboration at 5MSEK.

Systems reviewed and end-end

implemented by NOOS.

Of strategic partnership.

And counting.

Strategy & Tech Advisory: A holistic strategic partnership.

In today’s digital age, successful business transformations are often marked by strategic alliances that navigate the complex terrain of E-commerce, organizational growth, and technological innovations. One such alliance is between NOOS Consulting and Djerf Avenue.

The Genesis of a Transformative Partnership

When NOOS Consulting first collaborated with Djerf Avenue, the latter was a budding enterprise with a turnover of 5 MSEK. In just three short years, under NOOS’s strategic guidance, Djerf Avenue’s turnover skyrocketed to over 400 MSEK. Our journey began in the autumn of 2020, when Djerf Avenue sought a new web agency to manage their site. Recognizing our expertise, Djerf Avenue entrusted NOOS with the responsibility of setting requirements for the agency selection.

As 2022 rolled in, the need arose for Djerf Avenue to revamp its entire IT stack, focusing on the e-commerce platform, ERP, and other peripheral systems. NOOS, with its proven track record, was the unequivocal choice to lead this monumental transformation. Our strategic collaboration encompassed:

  1. Business Analysis and Strategy: Crafting business roadmaps based on thorough market and internal analyses.
  2. Tech Investment Advisory: Guiding decisions around technology investments to align with the company’s growth strategy.
  3. Project Lead: Being the driving force behind various initiatives, ensuring timely and effective execution.

Continuing the Legacy of Transformation

Our story with Djerf Avenue is not confined to past successes; it is a dynamic, ongoing narrative. Currently, NOOS is immensely proud to continue serving Djerf Avenue, particularly in the domain of organizational growth planning.

Djerf Avenue’s exponential growth brought with it the need to optimize the use of their system landscape. They aimed for streamlined processes by maximizing the potential of their existing systems and adopting best practices. With our holistic approach, we targeted the company’s end-to-end processes, identifying and rectifying primary pain points in flows and processes.

Our present engagement encompasses:

  1. Interviews across Departments: A comprehensive deep dive to understand current system utilization.
  2. Strategic Action Plans: Curating actionable plans post interviews, targeting process enhancement and optimal system utilization.
  3. Implementation: Translating strategy into action, setting up agreed measures to facilitate continuous change, in line with Djerf Avenue’s rapid growth.

Special projects include redefining purchase processes, launching new business domains, optimizing warehouse operations, and building a flexible structure to support Djerf Avenue’s agile work approach.

The Trust Equation

Such deep-rooted collaborations thrive on mutual trust. NOOS ensures that all external development initiatives undergo a rigorous approval process. This meticulous approach has built a reservoir of trust, allowing us to take the lead in most areas while collaborating closely with Djerf Avenue’s team on specifics. Our shared tools and systems further ensure transparency and effective project management.

NOOS Consulting’s strategic partnership with Djerf Avenue underscores the value of aligning business vision with expert guidance. In just three years, a budding enterprise transformed into a market leader, with a turnover leap from 5 MSEK to over 400 MSEK. Today, as Djerf Avenue continues its ascent in the business world, NOOS stands proudly by its side, providing the strategic support it needs.

“With NOOS, you gain deep insights into e-commerce and everything around it, both technically and business-wise. Their expertise and strong work ethic make them an ideal partner when expecting outstanding results across various domains.” – Rasmus Johansson, CEO of Djerf Avenue.

For executives considering a partner for their next transformative journey, NOOS Consulting is not just a consultancy; we are your strategic ally, committed to turning visions into measurable success. Our alliance with Djerf Avenue is a testament to our expertise, dedication, and results-driven approach. Partner with us, and let’s co-author your success story.

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