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Utilizing AI to boost performance in product descriptions for a market leading retailer

NOOS teamed up with a market-leading retailer in the Nordics to streamline their multilingual product text creation process. By integrating artificial intelligence, we enabled the client to achieve remarkable efficiency and consistency across various languages.  

The client, a prominent retailer in the Nordic market, faced an operational challenge in relation to the strategic agenda. With a broad product range and a presence in over 10 countries, creating and updating product descriptions in multiple languages was both time-consuming and resource-intensive. This traditionally involved a large team of translators and copywriters, leading to delays and inconsistencies in the product texts across different markets. To address these issues, the client sought NOOS’s expertise in AI-driven creation processes that’s reusable over time.

Bridging the gap between strategy and operations 

AI was on the client’s strategic agenda, recognized as a key driver for future growth and innovation. However, operationalizing this technology to handle the complexities of multilingual content creation required specialized support. NOOS stepped in to bridge this gap, ensuring that the strategic vision was realized through effective operational execution. To achieve this, we implemented an API solution for mass translation based on AI technology. This approach enabled us to generate high-quality product descriptions for over 10 markets and thousands of SKUs, ensuring a consistent brand voice while adapting to the nuances of each language and culture.

Increased efficiency and quality assurance 

One of the major benefits of this AI-driven approach was the dramatic reduction in time and effort required to produce multilingual content. What previously took weeks of coordination between multiple teams was now accomplished in a fraction of the time. The AI could generate and review thousands of product descriptions in multiple languages almost instantaneously, allowing the client to keep pace with their rapid product development cycles and market expansions.

We also incorporated a feedback process from human copywriters for each market to quality test the texts. This ensured that the generated content was not only accurate and consistent but also resonated with the target audience. The synergy between human expertise and artificial intelligence allowed us to fine-tune the AI, ensuring that each iteration of the product descriptions was better than the last. This iterative learning process was crucial in maintaining high standards of quality and accuracy across all languages.

Transferable solutions for operational reuse 

Our AI solution is a universal solution, perfect for businesses with a large number of SKUs and markets. By streamlining the content creation process, the client significantly reduced costs associated with translation and copywriting. Additionally, the speed and efficiency of the AI-enabled system allowed the client to launch new products in multiple markets simultaneously, giving them a competitive edge in the fast-paced retail industry. Furthermore, this solution provided invaluable support in market entries. The enhanced quality and consistency of the product texts led to better customer engagement and satisfaction. Consumers in different regions received clear and compelling product information, tailored to their language and cultural context. This not only boosted sales but also strengthened the client’s brand presence across the Nordics.

The success of this project underscores the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in e-commerce. By blending advanced technology with human insight, we have demonstrated that it is possible to achieve both efficiency and excellence in content creation in a way that is easy to use and cost effective. We believe that AI will play a key role in e-commerce strategy for the coming years and create opportunities for major improvements in operational efficiency. This will also affect how we look at the staffing of future e-commerce organizations and UAT-testing. We will deep dive into this area with our next case study article where we enabled mass technical testing with one of our clients.

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