Pelle P: Accelerating digital growth

Lower COS by implementation

of NOOS strategy

On a monthly and yearly basis

Commercial planning

Commercial Planning & Traffic Strategy: Driving online growth for the lifestyle brand Pelle P

We partnered with Pelle P, a Swedish lifestyle brand founded by sailing and design legend Pelle Pettersson, to embark on a transformative journey in the digital landscape. Pelle P delivers design-driven, high-quality products tailored to an active lifestyle, closely aligned with the founder’s personal achievements and preferences.

A holistic screening to secure online growth

In 2021, Pelle P entrusted NOOS with driving several e-commerce projects, fostering a collaborative relationship with their internal resources. The project commenced with a holistic screening to map out a strategic path for Pelle P’s online growth. The company faced challenges related to their website, traffic acquisition, and e-commerce practices, with the ambition to elevate their sales and brand reach.

Our project involved an extensive screening of Pelle P’s e-commerce, focusing on the following areas:

  1. Sales Strategy
  2. Traffic Acquisition & Strategy
  3. Conversion rate optimization & Merch strategy
  4. Email strategy & Lead generation

Implementation of Traffic Strategy

Following the screening, we implemented a dedicated traffic strategy aligned with Pelle P’s growth goals for the upcoming year (2022). This strategy was developed with profitability and brand considerations in mind, and a structured commercial planning document encompassing all aspects of the digital business. Later, we integrated the physical retail component into the planning process.

Significant online growth with continued optimization

The results of our collaboration have been remarkable, showcasing significant advancements and positive outcomes for Pelle P. The newly established traffic strategy, based on the “See, think, do, care” model, immediately yielded favorable responses across all channels. This strategy brought about a substantial shift in traffic acquisition, adopting a more proactive approach to reach and brand building. Moreover, the implementation of a lead generation strategy resulted in a significant increase in high-value newsletter subscribers, facilitating cost-effective marketing. Remarkably, despite maintaining the same email frequency, the email channel witnessed a substantial surge in sales.

Key results from the implemented traffic strategy:

  • 8% reduction in the “Cost of sales” for conversion-driven SEM.
  • 9% improvement in the conversion rate for paid social media through a structured funnel setup.
  • Enhanced reach, leading to strengthened organic presence and brand awareness.
  • Achievement of the annual sales target for 2022 and 2023 by the end of Q3.

Furthermore, our holistic commercial planning, taking into account product interest and sales cycles, contributed to increased revenue and strategic clarity during crucial periods throughout the year. The emphasis on planning and structure empowered the traffic strategy and on-site actions.

To ensure continuous progress, we initiated monthly reporting in autumn 2021, providing ongoing tracking of outcomes and optimizations related to our various initiatives. These reports encompass initiatives of both strategic depth and operational efficiency, optimizing business value.

The collaboration between Pelle P and NOOS continues to flourish, with several exciting new initiatives aimed at long-term growth. We deeply appreciate the trust Pelle P has placed in us and look forward to continued success in our fruitful partnership.

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