SNS: Future-proofing tech stack

Future-proofing SNS’s tech stack for continuous growth

SNS AB, a trailblazer in the retail world, realized the importance of keeping their digital infrastructure ahead of the curve. They had a clear vision: A seamless transactional experience for both their web and app platforms. However, a previous consultation left them with a solution too superficial for effective decision-making.

It was here that SNS AB turned to NOOS Digital Consulting for a deeper dive.

The NOOS Approach

Discovery & Detailing: We began by understanding the unique business needs of SNS AB. Diving deep into each e-commerce platform, we drew up a comprehensive map contrasting SNS’s requirements with each platform’s offerings. The goal was straightforward: Craft a blueprint that accelerates the development journey with a laser-focused end goal.

Design & Implementation: Our teams worked tirelessly, ensuring that the design vision was flawlessly executed while adhering to the stipulated roadmap. This meticulous process involved countless hours of testing, refining, and ensuring flawless integrations and quality.

Decisions:Our exploration was comprehensive: from industry giants like Adobe Commerce to upcoming contenders like Kibo Commerce. Yet, our primary contenders emerged as BigCommerce and Commercetools. Both presented robust options, but with distinct advantages and challenges.

The Composable Infrastructure: Understanding that SNS AB wasn’t just another retailer, our recommendations didn’t stop at a mere e-commerce platform switch. We delved into areas like Search Logic, Merchandise Management, and Delivery Checkout – facets pivotal for a retailer of SNS AB’s stature.

“NOOS is well aware of how well-developed e-com companies operate. They understand both mature organizations and those still evolving. NOOS is, therefore, a reliable partner when you need to identify problem areas, develop scalable e-commerce solutions and strategies, and implement these.“ – Ulrika Evans, Head of Digital SNS.

A holistic approach to tech investments

Our journey with SNS AB wasn’t just about finding the right e-commerce platform. It was about redefining the digital roadmap for a retail giant. Whether you’re looking for a complete digital overhaul or a more nuanced approach, our team at NOOS is ready to guide you through your transformation journey.

Are you an executive aiming to revolutionize your digital landscape? Let’s craft your success story together.

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