Management & Strategy

NOOS Management & Strategy team got extensive experience in leading technical and commercial projects in various industries and contexts. We bring structure to fast growers and innovation to traditional business with our proven models, way of working and frameworks.  

Tech Strategy

Whether you are looking for a new tech stack or are curious if you are using your tech stack in the most optimal way, our Management team will create value for your business moving forward.

NOOS Tech model covers the process from discovering new systems that fits your business with a clear picture of what it brings and means for both technical, processes and financial aspects. To furthermore, detailing what impact the systems will have on your operations.

Commercial Strategy

In the complex landscape of modern business, navigating through commercial cases can be daunting. We’re here to simplify that. Our team of experts brings in-depth knowledge and tailored strategies to help you make informed decisions, manage risks, and seize market opportunities. Whether it’s competitive analysis, financial modeling, or market entry strategy we have the expertise. 

We provide tools and strategies for managing the human side of change, ensuring your team is engaged, resilient, and ready to embrace new challenges. From organizational restructuring to process re-engineering, our approach is tailored to your unique needs, market and culture.

Analytics & Insight

We are proud to say that we dig deeper than our competition. A core pillar at NOOS is data insights and all of our work and decisions are based on data. Our analytics and insight team has a strong background of data analysis and leading the decisions and roadmap for a large part of our clients. 

It is in our core to continuously flow insights into our projects and our framework involves progressive business development in combination with analytics and insights. Standing alone, our model often takes place in looking back in the mirror at previous business objectives and outcomes with a clear perspective of being proactive and bringing the insights into future tasks and tactics. Making sure that we are in line with the business objectives with an improved aim going forward leading to a higher success rate.

Our team will work close to your business and your objectives in order to bring you clear and meaningful insights that will empower your decision making. In general, it includes handing over a proposed roadmap of short  and term tasks and decisions that will lead you closer to reaching your North star KPI.

E-Com & Operational Excellence

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, NOOS stands at the forefront of driving business success through our digital specialists. Tailored for businesses seeking to thrive in the online market, this service is a cornerstone of our strategy implementation. Our consultants works in both interim positions and project based implementations.

We understand that the heart of e-commerce success lies in a seamless customer journey and deep customer relations in combination with a holistic mindset of your business.

With that combination and years of experience in the leading platforms within E-commerce, CRM, PIM, CMS, PLM, freight and payment we support your organization in elevating your digital experience. 

With a business-first approach we align your core business objectives with the operational processes and project goals. Let’s do it together!

Experienced in


Centra, Big Commerce, Litium, Shopify, Brink Commerce, Optimizely, Drupal


Voyado,Klaviyo, Hubspot, Rule

PIM & Others

Inriver PIM, Yotpo,  Adyen, Ingrid, Klarna, Svea, Qliro, Nshift